Monday, November 14, 2011

the aftermath

Wednesday night, Penn State fired coach Paterno as well as the president of the university.
While many in the media, even people close to the Paterno family declared it the right thing to do, a group of students at the school started small riots and protests throughout the night chanting Paterno.
I think in 5 years when some of them become first time parents they might want to take that back.
Meanwhile, on Friday the school announced that now assistant coach McCreary would be placed on administrative leave indefinitely.
A cording to messages he sent to the team, he's in protective custody, done with the program and double fisting drinks down because he is afraid for his safety. Now around campus and in the sports media the talk is what happens to coach Peterno aka Joepa's legacy?
He did some great things for Pen state but the inability to use common sense and be a man will always take it's tole.
Paterno, grad assistant Mike McCreary, not to mention the athletic director and more are all responsible for this.
Frankly, I could care less about anyone's legacy!
The more I thought and spoke with others about it, McCreary who first reported the incident to Paterno was even more at fault than the 84 year-old coach.
He was a 28 year-old adult, not a 12 year-old confused kid, and instead of calling the police, he called his daddy who told him to talk to Joe, which he did a day later.
If it were me who saw Sandusky in the shower abusing the young boy, I would have jumped in and beat the *$hit out of the monster, then I'd call the police.
The district attorney on the case doesn't even know if the incident in question was even one added to the criminal report, and the authorities waited for days even before they spoke to each other and, as we know, never called the police.
Further troubling, Sandusky is out on100k bail, he lives next to an elementary school.
Parents in the area are very nervous and the police are keeping an eye on the school.
I know we are all innocent until proven guilty but, I read the 23 page graphic outline and, there are no words to describe how horrific the descriptions are.
We have seen over time that petifiles don't change, and, Sandusky can abuse again at any moment.
I always knew when I was a tiny round boy that I'd have a family and my children would mean the world to me.
Currently, that isn't the case but, I have children in my life I think of every day who I'd take a grenade for. If someone ever hurt them, I take action, people could ask me questions later.
Gerry Sandusky should never be able to see the beautiful face of a child outside of bars for the rest of his low life.
The football team is trying to move on.
Tom Bradley, ironically the man who took over Sandusky's position when he retired, is now the temp coach.
Penn State lost the game 17 to 14 under this huge cloud.
I don't think anyone will even come close to righting this wrong but, I do hope some good comes out of it.
We need to understand that sexual abuse and child trafficking are much more prevalent in America than we think they are and the buck stops with us.
Unfortunately, I think we are just starting to learn details and, like most sex abuse cases, more aligations will follow.

Monday, November 7, 2011

what's going on at Penn State

Wile casually watching college football this Saturday, a story stopped me in my tracks when it came on during half time of one of the games.
Friday, former Penn St defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was indicted with 40 counts of sexual abuse towards a minor.
There are 8 different boys said to be involved and the acts happens for at least a 15 year period between 1994 and 2009.
Sandusky was the offensive coordinator for Penn st university for 30 years retiring after the 1999 season.
However, he continued to work for a non prophet called second mile he founded in 1977.
an organization dedicated to help improve the self esteem of Pennsylvania youth through many different programs.
According to the website, to help children receive positive human interaction.
Jerry wrote about it in his autobiography sadly titled Touched.

Sandusky held many football camps at Penn St where many of these acts took place even after he retired in 1999.
There were rumblings about his behavior in 1998 which were brought to the attention of Athletic director Tim Curley who dismissed the claims.
The other shoe dropped in 2002 when a Graduate assistant reported to legendary coach Joe Paterno that he saw Sandusky engaged in sex acts with a young boy in the shower in the locker room.
According to Paterno, the next day, he notified the Athletic director that his grad assistant saw inappropriate activity between sandusky and the boy saying later it was obvious the assistant was distraught but he didn't know specifics.
The coach didn't call the police instead leaving it up to the Athletic director and higher ups and the school to take action as he felt because Sandusky was no longer working for him, this was the best way to handle the inquiry.
Along with Sandusky being charged on Friday, Athletic director Tim Curley and vice president of business and finance Gary Schultz were both charged with 1 count of perjury following a 2 year investigation.
According to the district a tourney, they both failed to report the incident to police or child protective services.
The men testified they were told that Sandusky was horsing around and nothing serious went on while documents and the stories of Paterno and the grad assistant contradict them completely.
As of now, Curley has taken administrative leave in order to work on his defense while Shultz has stped back in to retirement.
I feel bad for the wonderful fans and alumni of Penn St
My x-wife's family live in that area.
It's a great place to raise a family, you couldn't meet people more hardworking or hospitable than the people of central Pennsylvania and they love there Nitanny Lions!
However, this case is all about the young men and boys who were already on shaky ground, trusted these men and were violated.
Each man including Perterno should be held responsible for this.
All could have stopped this sexual predator years ago.
Paterno wasn't charged like the athletic director or the vice president but when kids are involved you don't tell you're boss, you tell the police.
No one followed up to even find out who the kid was and what specifically happened.
Also, the President of the University said while it was horrible what happens, he supported Curley and Schultz and felt they did everything with the utmost integrity.
Coach Joe Paterno needs no introduction to even the casual college football fan.
He has the most wins among all division I college football coaches, is 84 with no intention of leaving.
Although in recent years, many alumni have been wanting him to leave purely for team performance reasons.
Along with the president of the University, I think Paterno should resign or be fired as well.
While there is no doubt he did great things for college football, this is going to stay with him and the entire Penn St program needs to clean up now and distance itself from all who knew about this situation.
While reading about this, I thought about how our society views sexual abuse especially when boys or young men are involved.
Seems like every week we here about a teacher charged with having sex with her 13-year-old student.
To be honest, my friends and I would joke about that when we were in College and ask each other, where were teachers like that when we were in school?
It goes without saying, it's nothing to joke about.
I've spoken to boys and read many testimonies from them and their parents detailing how inappropriate sexual behavior by authorities have changed the way they look at life, not to mention future relationships.
It confused them not only sexually but mentally and physically as well.
Because they are male, they are less likely to confide in anyone about the abuse especially if it was rendered by another man.
As a society, we need to report these things when we see them, not leave it up to the next guy.
It's our duty to listen to our children even when they are talking small talk and ask them questions when something just doesn't ad up.
Most importantly, weather they are girl or boy, we need to let them know that they aren't the problem, the Jerry Sandusky's of the world are and we're not going to let them steel their youth!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

doom does Dallas

Going in to week 7, one thing was for certain, the fat lady has been on the cowboys sideline and old Betsy was warming up.
With the boys already 1 and 4, the Monday night game at home against the Giants started off very well as Dallas took advantage of several giant turnovers including 2 Manning interceptions and led 20 to 7 in the second quarter.
However, the Giants were still dominating possession time and eventually scored 31 unanswered points.
Cowboys suffered a huge loss when qb Tony Romo was knocked out of the game with a good legal hit which broke his callerbone in that second quarter helping to turn the tide towards the Giants.
Romo was having a solid year despite the total team struggle and if the cowboys were going to make any kind of run, Tony was going to lead them.
The one constant was gone.
The g-men made plenty of mistakes keeping the Cowboys close but held them off 41 to 35
You can kiss Dallas's super bowl chances good bye and it's not even a certainty that Romo will be back this season.
The biggest surprise to me in week 7 Cleveland 30, New Orleans 17
Drew Breeze threw 4 interceptions and the current champs look lost without a running game.
Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas are not playing Sunday either so the Saints have a good chance of losing to Pittsburgh and falling to a 4 and 4 record.
in other games:
Buffalo bucks up but falls short to Baltimore, Carolina gets it's first win by beating 1 win San Fransisco, Miami is robbed but the Steelers will take it and Kansas City whips Jacksonville who has no defense at the moment.
I think the Skins just picked off Cutler again, Atlanta in a shootout over the Bengals, Tampa eaks by the Rams, Tennessee 2 times Philadelphia and Green Bay beat Brett and the Vikings.
Seattle beat Arizona at home, coach Bill gambled again, New England survived San Diego and Darren McFadden ran for 165 yards in an Oakland 59 to 14 west coast beat down making the Broncos call for mommy.
Games to watch:
Not a lot of great match ups this week.
The 49ers are playing Denver in London for some reason.
This game should definitely be a great halloween treat.
I'm not sure how this helps the NFL at all but every year someone takes the trip to the UK
I think having a Franchise in London is a nice idea but it's very impractical especially for west coast teams.
Maybe after many changes 10 years down the road the league could make it happen but I just don't see it as much of a possibility.
Green Bay goes to the lovely Meadowland to play the Jets.
Even though the Packers have many injuries, I hope they can make a game out of it.

The Jets really have a chance to separate themselves as an elite team if they win this week.
Once again, Brett Favre makes news at least this time, it's not about his off the field randiness.
The Viking qb has two small left ankle fractures and the team is listing him as questionable.
I will bet the house I don't own that he will play.
He doesn't want his most started streak to end at 291 and coach Brad Childress is reluctant to sit him.
He is already facing an up hill climb with a 2 and 4 start so he might as well Dance with the one who gets paid to play the music.
If the Vikings don't start winning soon though, I think Mr. Rangler will ride off in to the sunset for good, of course the on going sexual harassment investigation can change everything.

Friday, October 29, 2010

looking for contributors

Like many, I am interested in covering several kinds of sports especially Baseball, Football, and basketball because I know them best. However, there is only a certain amount of time in a day and I seldom get to write all I think of.
This is where you come in!
Because this blog is from a blindness perspective, I'm especially looking for writers who are blind or visually impaired but this is not required.
Anyone with sport knowledge is welcome.
Weather you'd like to write about pro sports or college, it is all up to you.
You can cover any sport you'd like as long as the articles are written in English.
Just stick to basic rules IE no flaming and under no circumstances any racial content.
I think this blog would be much better if there were a team of us instead of just one guy who tends to ramble a bit too much.
To start writing with us or to get more info, please contact me at:
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

help me find my Hockey team

As a teen during the early 90's I discovered Hockey, well, at least from a minor league perspective.
My close friend Skip and I would often head on out to the Greensboro Coliseum to watch Greensboro's ECHL team the Monarchs.
That was a wonderful time for me, getting to know quite a few players on a personal level and getting a chance to see each one rise through the ranks of hockey while others eventually gave up the game and became business men, teachers, coaches and fathers.
Jeff Brubaker and his teams made the playoffs from 1989 until 1995, each year of it's short existence. When I graduated from high school in 1994, I went away to College, First to Western Carolina and then to Gardner-webb leaving the Monarchs behind.
They eventually lost they're lease of the Coliseum in 1996 to the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes who needed a home for a season before moving in to they're new building in Raleigh.
I didn't think much about Hockey in college but I decided to find an NHL team to pull for at the start of the 2004 season.
Whoops, turned out to be no season that year as a lockout really hurt the NHL and I have watched Hockey off and own for a few years but nothing consistently.
The reason for this post is, I'd love you to help me find an NHL Hockey team.
We have satellite radio so all teams are covered.
Give me the reasons why you like you're team and I will choose the best of them by next Sunday.
Who ever gives me the most convincing reasons for his or her team will get me to follow said team for the rest of the year and who knows, maybe I will find a hockey home.
Please submit reasons on the comments for this post or to me on twitter

what the?

Week 5 in the NFL gave me another great reason not to bet on football games, until the game is played, you just don't know.
After giving up 41 points to the Chargers, Arizona came out, played a bit of defense and stopped the Saints with turnovers and won 30 to 20 despite having an un drafted free agent QB, poor Derek Anderson.
The Packers really wanted to establish the run against the Redskins, they did with Brandon Jackson rushing for 115, too bad Green Bay has half of the team injured, up and down Washington 16, the beat up Packers 13.
Pack quarterback Aaron Rogers had a slight concussion and is on the injury report however, probably will play against Miami.
Tony Romo past for 406 yards, Miles Austin another monster receiving game for the Cowboys... in a loss at home 34 to 27 at the hands of the titans.
That Dallas defense with a lot of talent has been full of gaps all season and the boys are 1 and 3, it seems worse though because they give up a lot of points and are not balanced offensively.
Speaking of 1 and 3, hello Brett Favre and the Vikings.
After a tough first half in stormy New Jersey, Sexy Brett got it going but too little too late to beat a very solid Jets team, losing 29 to 20.
From what I'm seeing so far, New York looks like the best team in the league especially with Mark Sanchez making better decisions and Ledainian Tomlinson reminding us of LT from days gone by.

in other games:
Oakland ended a 7 year losing streak to the Chargers with a 35 to 27 victory despite Philip Rivers passing 431 yards for the bolts.
Lions got off the mat by waxing little brave Sambo and St Louis 44 to 6. Baltimore over the Broncos although Orton and Lloyd looked great again for Denver.
Tampa and Josh Freeman proved they are not who we thought they were with a nice 24 to 21 win over the inconsistent, who are we Cincinnati Bengals.
Jimmy Clausen lit up the sky for 61 yards, can't believe the Panthers didn't win, lol.
Matt Forte ran for 166 yards and despite playing some quarterback named Caleb Hanie the second half, easy win for da Bears.
Atlanta Blitzed Cleveland, Colts bucked the Chiefs, Giants stepped on the Texans and Buffalo is still winless along with San Fran and Carolina.

games to watch:
Any time New England plays Baltimore, it's always worth watching.
Both teams have 1 loss and this is the Patriots first game after Moss has been traded.
Minnesota and Dallas are both 1 and 3 with a bevy of questions surrounding them. Someone has to win and there should be a lot of points scored.
Favre who is surrounded by more Drama than All My Children and General Hospital combined has elbow tendinitis but will most likely play keeping his consecutive game streak in tact.
Atlanta goes to Philadelphia to play the Eagles but once again, Michael Vick will not start and the deserving Kevin Kolb will be the quarterback for Philly.
Personally, I'm glad that Vick will not be starting against the Falcons, he cause that organization too much grief and even though the game is in Philadelphia, I just think it would be a bit tasteless.
One thing is certain, Carolina and Buffalo can't lose today.
Feel free to leave me any feedback on the blog.
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

no Moss in New England

 As there was no week 3 update on this blog, due to--well, laziness:
·    Panthers lost again,
·    Rams beat Washington,
·    Vick shined over Jacksonville,
·    Kansas City beat San Fran, yeah I know!

·    Dallas saved its season by pounding Houston,

·    Pittsburgh schmacked Tampa Bay,
·    Atlanta beat New Orleans in the battle of the better kicker
·    and the Jets wiped out Miami.

·    Chicago beat Green Bay at last second,

·    New England made it much too interesting with Buffalo,
·    Minnesota slaughtered the Lions.
Did anyone even go to the Oakland Arizona game?

Week 4 started with the much-anticipated Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steele rs showdown.
Without big Ben, Pittsburgh just couldn't get the offense they needed, and Baltimore came away with a much-needed 17 to 14 road win.  Flacko looked good
throwing the ball, and Derek Mason is still very solid.
  Even a bigger draw was Washington Playing the Eagles in Philadelphia, which marked the home coming for Washington QB Donovan McNabb, who had been the
Eagles quarterback for 10 years until the trade last off season.
Despite leading them to several NFC championships and 1 super bowl appearance, McNabb was really never embraced by the tough, and sometimes unreasonable,
Philadelphia fans.
  I was glad to hear mostly cheers for Donavon when he was announced.
I thought he handled Philadelphia well and didn't get too down when things were not looking up for him and the fans were on his case.  After all of that,
the biggest thing to come out of Washington's 17 to 12 victory was bad news for the home team. Eagles.
Michael Vick took a big time hit and damaged rib cartilage, it was a matter of time, as his offensive line couldn't protect him very well, and he was playing
all out on each possession.
The long-talked about, almost mythical Kevin Kolb came in for Vick, threw for 201 yards, but didn't have much cohesion with the offense.
What used to be a quarterback luxury for Andy Reid and the Eagles is now a quarterback crisis.
Vick's status is unknown for Sunday's game.

The Sunday night game was Giants at home playing the bears, who wished they were!  Jay Cutler got sacked 9 freakin times in the first half, I even wanted
to call his mommy for him.  No-one deserves a New York City beat down like that young man got.
Giants won 17 to 3, but Cutler left after the first half with a concussion, and will not play this week against the dreaded Panthers.

The biggest story happened off the field during week 4, however, as 11-year vet Randy Moss was traded from the Patriots to the desperate Minnesota Vikings,
back where he started .
Moss has as much class as Lady GaGa at a children show and tell, but he can still grab the ball when he is motivated, ('cause he's a freak like that),
and no matter how banged up the vikings receivers are, he will make them a bit better.
I still think they will need Alejandro, Roberto and Fernando to be an elite team, though.
Brett Favre looks very human this year, and the defense hasn't been that impressive.

in other games:
  Daddy San Diego took the Arizona Cards to the woodshed, second time Arizona gave up more than 40 already this year.
Sam Bradford looked good against the seahawks, and the Rams already have 2 victories.
Carson Palmer had 371 yards and Terrell Owens had 222 yards receiving, but the Bengals managed to lose to Cleveland anyway.
Panthers scared the Saint out of New Orleans before losing,

Detroit took Green bay down to the wire before losing by 2,

and the Jets rolled over the bills.
Houston eeks by Oakland,

Miami got obliterated by New England,

the Colts defense was exposed against Jacksonville,

the Broncos Orton and Lloyd stopped the Titans,

and Atlanta came back to break the heart of San Fransisco.

games to watch:
  Not many stand out this week, but I will be interested on Monday night when the Minnesota vikings visit the Jets.
Favre comes back to New York, where he spent the 2008 season, just in time to face allegations of sending naughty text messages to a female reporter, also
in 2008.
I find the timing of the allegations quite suspicious.
Thanks to the trade, Randy Moss will be playing the Jets for the second time this year.
  Kansas City travels to Indy and gets the mad Colts, who will probably end the honeymoon for the chiefs.
The Colts have too much offense.
Speaking of offensive, New Orleans should shake, rattle and roll Arizona. Look for Drew to throw the ball early and often.
Not a lot of must see TV, but the NFL always surprises us, even on boring weeks like week 5.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

getting there

After the unmitigated ugliness that was week 1, week 2 was a bit better unless you are a Bills, Panthers, Viking or Cardinals fan.
However, it wasn't really a memorable week.
Coming in to week 2, everyone was curious to see what Michael Vick could do. This was his first start in two years after returning from prison last season.
Vick looked like we thought he would, great against the Detroit defense, I think most passers would.
The eagles barely won the game thanks to a late charge by the lions who have a very good offense and should surprise several teams this season.
Vick threw the ball very well and gave the eagles a double threat passing and running from the quarterback position.
After saying Kevin Kolb would start this weeks game, coach Andy Reid decided to pull a 180 and gave Mike Vick the start in Jacksonville on Sunday.
The Dallas Cowboys are 0 and 2 now despite another decent game by qb Tony Romo.
The boys have loads of talent but they have no idea what to do with it.
3 good runningbacks they don't use, A great receiver in Miles Austin who is still playing well. A solid TE and and an offensive line that is old, inconsistent and constantly banged up.
They take on the Texans this week who are 2 and 0 thanks to a last second win against Washington.
The Jets Patriot game was fun to watch as Mark Sanchez for New York actually threw the ball down field a bit and the Jet defense was great at times.
However, the jets lost cornerback Darrelle Revis for at least 1 game, maybe more with a hamstring injury.
Braylon Edwards made some great catches and scored but unfortunately made more news for his DWI on Tuesday morning.
He will play but not start this weekend at Miami.
in other games:
Brett Farve complained about not having his receivers on the same page as his Vikings looked inept, lost and duke blue devil like at the hands of a young Dolphin defense.
The Manning bowl wasn't much of a match as big bro Payton and the Colts proved why they are always a team to deal with as they made easy work out of the Giants.
The Panthers at home against Tampa looked like an expansion team.
quarterback Matt Moore will be binched this week and enters rookie Jimmy Clausen.
I think he might be praying to touchdown Jesus during the game with the Bengals.
The Atlanta Falcons won the battle of the birds because the Arizona Cards didn't show up, 41 to 7 wasn't even that close and I can't wait until they play New Orleans who beat San Fran on a last secont field goal.
The Saints did lose Reggie Bush for a while, he broke his leg after a great game receiving and returning kicks and of course he is on my fantasy team along with Braylon Edwards and other injured ballers.
San Diego rebounded nicely by smacking Jacksonville, everyone smacks Cleveland and Oakland was glad to play St Louis.
The Bucks had there way with the bad Carolina kitties, Broncos bucked the Seahawks while Pittsburgh and it's defense led by Mr. hair Troy Palamalu stopped the running Titans.
games to watch:
Week 3 starts with a bang when the Falcons play in New Orleans.
The super dome is one of the noisiest places ever but even more so after the Saints won the Superbowl last season.
No Bush for New Orleans so I think they will have to take an early lead and let the crowd get to Atlanta.
Michael Turner may be limited but the dirty birds still have plenty of running and receiving options.
Bears and Packers on Monday night at soldier field in Chicago should be vintage run and gun football.
Both of these teams should be throwing a lot although I think Brandon Jackson for the pack will have a good rushing game.
These are not you're father's Packers but the defense is good enough to frustrate Jay Cutler.
Julius Peppers will be key for the bears as they will have to put pressure on Aaron Rogers, he's not accident prone like Cutler.
I think Green Bay wins this game, and I think it's time to watch some football!
I welcome any feedback, comments and suggestions on this blog, content you'd like me to cover or anything else.
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunday Ugly Sunday

So this was what we were waiting for, the first real Sunday of the NFL season.
It reminded me of a girl you've been wanting to date forever because she is the total package. You go on said date and up close she kind of look like cousin Leroy, smells like a smoke berrel and she eat like uncle Bubba and you are thinking you are going to have to overcome a lot in this relationship.
Good lord y'all, catch the ball.
I happened to watch big chunks of probably the ugliest game, the battle of stereo Steve Smith's, Panthers and giants.
There were 9 turnovers and if that would have been my first football viewing experience, it would have been my last.
Giants won, it's going to be a long year for the Panthers.
Coach John Fox has been embattled at times but he does seem to get the most out of unknown or unproven players.
I wonder if he is too conservative on offense but on the other hand, the organization hasn't exactly stacked his roster with dependable.
The match up everyone was buzzing about the previous week happened on Monday night when Baltimore defeated the Jets on the road 10 to 9
Neither team ran the ball well although Baltimore's McGahee scored the only touchdown.
Guess who dropped him from the fantasy team before the game, bah!
At times, the Raven's offense looked crisp while the Jet's offense looked horrible.
Speaking of fantasy teams the jets through more passes to Ines Sainz earlier in the week than they through to Braylon Edwards during the game.
Other highlights:
¶Chicago beat Detroit cause Calvin Johnson couldn't quite come down with the ball, well at least according to the ref. What is it with Detroit and pivotal game calls, IE Jim Joyce.
Lion fans, all 2 of them feel like they were robbed.
Seattle thrashed my boy samurai Mike's 49ers making us question how good either of these teams will be.
Pete Carol left the pending drama of Southern Cal and took over the Seahawks, he has re energized an already noisy fan base in the Pacific North West.
The 49ers play the Saints this week so bouncing back will be tough.
The Bengals looked helpless against the Patriots, Foster ran wild on Manning and the Colts, Buffalo still sucks, and Dallas lost on a holding penalty that negated a Williams touchdown catch.
Bradford shows promise for the Rams, no 0 and 6 start for Tennessee as they slobber knock Oakland, Chief young speed shines, San Diego wines, and Pittsburgh eh OK without big Ben.
games to watch this week:
Eagles and Lions with Michael Vick starting for Philadelphia because of Kevin Kolb's concussion issues.
Vick's issues have been well documented but I think people will be rooting hard for him or wanting him to fail immensely.
He will do pretty well against the improving but definitely not great Detroit defense.
Coach Reed says the job will still be Kolb's when he comes back but Vick's performance could sure get a controversy started among the sweet Eagle fans.
Ravens Bengals, Patriots and Jets are great early division rivals which could really set the tone for the rest of the year.
Colts and Giants AKA Manning vs Manning is the Sunday night game, can the Colts defense hang on? Can the Giants catch the ball?
We will see cause we're ready for some football!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

teams and dreams

Previously having mentioned that I will try to be unbiased, I probably should disclose my favorite teams and general feelings about sports.
Many of my friends and family were Carolina fans, I had to be different, thank God I picked the Duke Blue devils.
It's good to know that every season Duke has a fighting chance to win it all, well in basketball. We don't mention Duke football on this blog!
People either love or hate Duke, they are my only hope as you will soon find out.
In baseball, I'm always enduring a long season with my Baltimore Orioles.
When I first started to figure out baseball and that one could fall asleep in the first inning, wake up in the 3rd, the Atlanta braves were all that mattered here o both TV and radio.
They were a boring last place team to a superficial kid so I was looking for a better alternative.
A friend of mine was a big Oriole fan so naturally, I sure didn't want to become one.
However, they were on TV and Mel Proctor and John lowenstein were 2 of the best broadcasters I have heard to this day.
The team was so miserable starting the 1988 season off 0 and 21, how was that for an initiation. But as ugly as it was, the 1989 season when they fell just short to the dang Toronto Blue jays in the division race sure made up for it.
I loved Cal Ripken, Eddy Murray and others. The organization seemed so much different than other teams and I totally bought in to the oriole way although as a 12 year old I would have probably guest they would have many winning years ahead.
After 12 straight losing seasons, I'm thinking not so much, thanks to a difficult owner and a lot of bad decisions, the Oriole way became a shadow of itself and became laughable.
Hopefully, the recent hire of Buck Showalter and inclusion of great Orioles in the organization can restore the Oriole way despite the owner of the franchise.
I also follow the Seattle Mariners because they grew on me a bit when I lived in Oregon and thanks to Pat Hughes and Ron Santo, my wife Rainee became a cub fan and I've always followed them some what anyway.
My dream is to see a Cub Oriole world series, then someone would win! If that ever happens, my great great grandchildren will update this blog about it.
Like college Basketball, I got in to the NBA very early with 2 teams, the Charlotte now New Orleans Hornets and the great Chicago Bulls. The Bulls started a dynasty with Jordan and Pippen, and other great roll players and were just dominant and the atmosphere around them was some kind of electric.
The bugs were an expansion team and brought professional ball to the Carolina as well as crowd favorites like 5 ft 3 inch Mugsy Bogs and eventually became pretty good with Alonzo Morning and Larry Johnson.
The Bulls pulled the plug so I did as well although they have a nice team again, the Hornets broke our hearts and moved to Nolins so I started following the Portland trailblazers having no idea that I'd move and get married eventually in Portland.
The Blazers have one of the best radio broadcasters in the league Brian Wheeler and have weathered the storm from the horrid jailblazer days and now have a fun young team.
As for football, both in the college and pro game, I really love it but not a huge fan of any one team although there are several I love watching.
In college it's anyone who's playing UNC, sorry tar heel friends. In the NFL if I had to choose 2, they'd be the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers.
The first football game I ever watched was the Bears and Patriots superbowl in 1985
I didn't no a dang thing about football, I just knew bears were giving the guys from Boston a windy city beat down and they had a cool song, I loved the shuffling crew!
The panthers were yet another expansion team awarded to the Charlotte area in 1995 and it has been fun following a team throughout it's existence. The solid veteran Panthers with the late Sam Mills, Kevin Greene and Lamar Lathan were great, we want mention Tim biakabutuka or heaven for bid horrible Ray Carruth who helped murder his pregnant girlfriend.
The 2003 team was great as well with the emergence of Steve Smith as a star but right now, it's going to be a rebuilding job.
The cats are the youngest team in the NFL and they sure looked like it against the giants last Sunday.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

who I am and why this blog

My name is Ryan Perdue
I'm a 34 year-old totally blind guy living in Greensboro North Carolina with my wife Rainee.
I graduated in 1998 from the best and most well known sports institution in the nation, obviously, that would be the Gardner-web University.
I also lived in Portland Oregon from 2001 until 2005
Growing up in North Carolina in the heart of ACC country meant 1 of 2 things. You're family loved the Carolina Tar Heels or all of you're friends did.
I didn't like sports and thought that they were totally rude to interrupt the incredible hulk, and other TV shows I loved as a kid until my grandfather known as PawPaw gave me an offer I couldn't refuse.
I was asked if I'd watch a basketball game with him and if I gave him my opinion on it, he buy me breakfast at biscuit ville.
Many basketball, Football and baseball games later, I have plenty of opinions and I'm also over weight, RIP Pawpaw
I'm writing this blog for 2 reasons, I used to write constantly but that was once upon a time in a land far far away and I really need the practice.
Secondly, sense us blind folks listen to the games, our prospective may be a little different and this will be a great way to explore said avenue.
I will start by posting my College football recap, NFL week 1 recap and my Baseball summery this week and shall continue updating this blog until the Orioles and Pirate make the MLB playoffs.
If you have any feedback good or bad, please contact me.
I promise not to cry. Actually I probably will but it will be from the privacy of my own home in front of an Orioles or Cubs game.
I will also post a brief synopsis of my favorite teams as well later this week.
I will try my best to make this an unbiased blog.