Saturday, September 25, 2010

getting there

After the unmitigated ugliness that was week 1, week 2 was a bit better unless you are a Bills, Panthers, Viking or Cardinals fan.
However, it wasn't really a memorable week.
Coming in to week 2, everyone was curious to see what Michael Vick could do. This was his first start in two years after returning from prison last season.
Vick looked like we thought he would, great against the Detroit defense, I think most passers would.
The eagles barely won the game thanks to a late charge by the lions who have a very good offense and should surprise several teams this season.
Vick threw the ball very well and gave the eagles a double threat passing and running from the quarterback position.
After saying Kevin Kolb would start this weeks game, coach Andy Reid decided to pull a 180 and gave Mike Vick the start in Jacksonville on Sunday.
The Dallas Cowboys are 0 and 2 now despite another decent game by qb Tony Romo.
The boys have loads of talent but they have no idea what to do with it.
3 good runningbacks they don't use, A great receiver in Miles Austin who is still playing well. A solid TE and and an offensive line that is old, inconsistent and constantly banged up.
They take on the Texans this week who are 2 and 0 thanks to a last second win against Washington.
The Jets Patriot game was fun to watch as Mark Sanchez for New York actually threw the ball down field a bit and the Jet defense was great at times.
However, the jets lost cornerback Darrelle Revis for at least 1 game, maybe more with a hamstring injury.
Braylon Edwards made some great catches and scored but unfortunately made more news for his DWI on Tuesday morning.
He will play but not start this weekend at Miami.
in other games:
Brett Farve complained about not having his receivers on the same page as his Vikings looked inept, lost and duke blue devil like at the hands of a young Dolphin defense.
The Manning bowl wasn't much of a match as big bro Payton and the Colts proved why they are always a team to deal with as they made easy work out of the Giants.
The Panthers at home against Tampa looked like an expansion team.
quarterback Matt Moore will be binched this week and enters rookie Jimmy Clausen.
I think he might be praying to touchdown Jesus during the game with the Bengals.
The Atlanta Falcons won the battle of the birds because the Arizona Cards didn't show up, 41 to 7 wasn't even that close and I can't wait until they play New Orleans who beat San Fran on a last secont field goal.
The Saints did lose Reggie Bush for a while, he broke his leg after a great game receiving and returning kicks and of course he is on my fantasy team along with Braylon Edwards and other injured ballers.
San Diego rebounded nicely by smacking Jacksonville, everyone smacks Cleveland and Oakland was glad to play St Louis.
The Bucks had there way with the bad Carolina kitties, Broncos bucked the Seahawks while Pittsburgh and it's defense led by Mr. hair Troy Palamalu stopped the running Titans.
games to watch:
Week 3 starts with a bang when the Falcons play in New Orleans.
The super dome is one of the noisiest places ever but even more so after the Saints won the Superbowl last season.
No Bush for New Orleans so I think they will have to take an early lead and let the crowd get to Atlanta.
Michael Turner may be limited but the dirty birds still have plenty of running and receiving options.
Bears and Packers on Monday night at soldier field in Chicago should be vintage run and gun football.
Both of these teams should be throwing a lot although I think Brandon Jackson for the pack will have a good rushing game.
These are not you're father's Packers but the defense is good enough to frustrate Jay Cutler.
Julius Peppers will be key for the bears as they will have to put pressure on Aaron Rogers, he's not accident prone like Cutler.
I think Green Bay wins this game, and I think it's time to watch some football!
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