Sunday, October 17, 2010

what the?

Week 5 in the NFL gave me another great reason not to bet on football games, until the game is played, you just don't know.
After giving up 41 points to the Chargers, Arizona came out, played a bit of defense and stopped the Saints with turnovers and won 30 to 20 despite having an un drafted free agent QB, poor Derek Anderson.
The Packers really wanted to establish the run against the Redskins, they did with Brandon Jackson rushing for 115, too bad Green Bay has half of the team injured, up and down Washington 16, the beat up Packers 13.
Pack quarterback Aaron Rogers had a slight concussion and is on the injury report however, probably will play against Miami.
Tony Romo past for 406 yards, Miles Austin another monster receiving game for the Cowboys... in a loss at home 34 to 27 at the hands of the titans.
That Dallas defense with a lot of talent has been full of gaps all season and the boys are 1 and 3, it seems worse though because they give up a lot of points and are not balanced offensively.
Speaking of 1 and 3, hello Brett Favre and the Vikings.
After a tough first half in stormy New Jersey, Sexy Brett got it going but too little too late to beat a very solid Jets team, losing 29 to 20.
From what I'm seeing so far, New York looks like the best team in the league especially with Mark Sanchez making better decisions and Ledainian Tomlinson reminding us of LT from days gone by.

in other games:
Oakland ended a 7 year losing streak to the Chargers with a 35 to 27 victory despite Philip Rivers passing 431 yards for the bolts.
Lions got off the mat by waxing little brave Sambo and St Louis 44 to 6. Baltimore over the Broncos although Orton and Lloyd looked great again for Denver.
Tampa and Josh Freeman proved they are not who we thought they were with a nice 24 to 21 win over the inconsistent, who are we Cincinnati Bengals.
Jimmy Clausen lit up the sky for 61 yards, can't believe the Panthers didn't win, lol.
Matt Forte ran for 166 yards and despite playing some quarterback named Caleb Hanie the second half, easy win for da Bears.
Atlanta Blitzed Cleveland, Colts bucked the Chiefs, Giants stepped on the Texans and Buffalo is still winless along with San Fran and Carolina.

games to watch:
Any time New England plays Baltimore, it's always worth watching.
Both teams have 1 loss and this is the Patriots first game after Moss has been traded.
Minnesota and Dallas are both 1 and 3 with a bevy of questions surrounding them. Someone has to win and there should be a lot of points scored.
Favre who is surrounded by more Drama than All My Children and General Hospital combined has elbow tendinitis but will most likely play keeping his consecutive game streak in tact.
Atlanta goes to Philadelphia to play the Eagles but once again, Michael Vick will not start and the deserving Kevin Kolb will be the quarterback for Philly.
Personally, I'm glad that Vick will not be starting against the Falcons, he cause that organization too much grief and even though the game is in Philadelphia, I just think it would be a bit tasteless.
One thing is certain, Carolina and Buffalo can't lose today.
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