Saturday, October 9, 2010

no Moss in New England

 As there was no week 3 update on this blog, due to--well, laziness:
·    Panthers lost again,
·    Rams beat Washington,
·    Vick shined over Jacksonville,
·    Kansas City beat San Fran, yeah I know!

·    Dallas saved its season by pounding Houston,

·    Pittsburgh schmacked Tampa Bay,
·    Atlanta beat New Orleans in the battle of the better kicker
·    and the Jets wiped out Miami.

·    Chicago beat Green Bay at last second,

·    New England made it much too interesting with Buffalo,
·    Minnesota slaughtered the Lions.
Did anyone even go to the Oakland Arizona game?

Week 4 started with the much-anticipated Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steele rs showdown.
Without big Ben, Pittsburgh just couldn't get the offense they needed, and Baltimore came away with a much-needed 17 to 14 road win.  Flacko looked good
throwing the ball, and Derek Mason is still very solid.
  Even a bigger draw was Washington Playing the Eagles in Philadelphia, which marked the home coming for Washington QB Donovan McNabb, who had been the
Eagles quarterback for 10 years until the trade last off season.
Despite leading them to several NFC championships and 1 super bowl appearance, McNabb was really never embraced by the tough, and sometimes unreasonable,
Philadelphia fans.
  I was glad to hear mostly cheers for Donavon when he was announced.
I thought he handled Philadelphia well and didn't get too down when things were not looking up for him and the fans were on his case.  After all of that,
the biggest thing to come out of Washington's 17 to 12 victory was bad news for the home team. Eagles.
Michael Vick took a big time hit and damaged rib cartilage, it was a matter of time, as his offensive line couldn't protect him very well, and he was playing
all out on each possession.
The long-talked about, almost mythical Kevin Kolb came in for Vick, threw for 201 yards, but didn't have much cohesion with the offense.
What used to be a quarterback luxury for Andy Reid and the Eagles is now a quarterback crisis.
Vick's status is unknown for Sunday's game.

The Sunday night game was Giants at home playing the bears, who wished they were!  Jay Cutler got sacked 9 freakin times in the first half, I even wanted
to call his mommy for him.  No-one deserves a New York City beat down like that young man got.
Giants won 17 to 3, but Cutler left after the first half with a concussion, and will not play this week against the dreaded Panthers.

The biggest story happened off the field during week 4, however, as 11-year vet Randy Moss was traded from the Patriots to the desperate Minnesota Vikings,
back where he started .
Moss has as much class as Lady GaGa at a children show and tell, but he can still grab the ball when he is motivated, ('cause he's a freak like that),
and no matter how banged up the vikings receivers are, he will make them a bit better.
I still think they will need Alejandro, Roberto and Fernando to be an elite team, though.
Brett Favre looks very human this year, and the defense hasn't been that impressive.

in other games:
  Daddy San Diego took the Arizona Cards to the woodshed, second time Arizona gave up more than 40 already this year.
Sam Bradford looked good against the seahawks, and the Rams already have 2 victories.
Carson Palmer had 371 yards and Terrell Owens had 222 yards receiving, but the Bengals managed to lose to Cleveland anyway.
Panthers scared the Saint out of New Orleans before losing,

Detroit took Green bay down to the wire before losing by 2,

and the Jets rolled over the bills.
Houston eeks by Oakland,

Miami got obliterated by New England,

the Colts defense was exposed against Jacksonville,

the Broncos Orton and Lloyd stopped the Titans,

and Atlanta came back to break the heart of San Fransisco.

games to watch:
  Not many stand out this week, but I will be interested on Monday night when the Minnesota vikings visit the Jets.
Favre comes back to New York, where he spent the 2008 season, just in time to face allegations of sending naughty text messages to a female reporter, also
in 2008.
I find the timing of the allegations quite suspicious.
Thanks to the trade, Randy Moss will be playing the Jets for the second time this year.
  Kansas City travels to Indy and gets the mad Colts, who will probably end the honeymoon for the chiefs.
The Colts have too much offense.
Speaking of offensive, New Orleans should shake, rattle and roll Arizona. Look for Drew to throw the ball early and often.
Not a lot of must see TV, but the NFL always surprises us, even on boring weeks like week 5.

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