Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunday Ugly Sunday

So this was what we were waiting for, the first real Sunday of the NFL season.
It reminded me of a girl you've been wanting to date forever because she is the total package. You go on said date and up close she kind of look like cousin Leroy, smells like a smoke berrel and she eat like uncle Bubba and you are thinking you are going to have to overcome a lot in this relationship.
Good lord y'all, catch the ball.
I happened to watch big chunks of probably the ugliest game, the battle of stereo Steve Smith's, Panthers and giants.
There were 9 turnovers and if that would have been my first football viewing experience, it would have been my last.
Giants won, it's going to be a long year for the Panthers.
Coach John Fox has been embattled at times but he does seem to get the most out of unknown or unproven players.
I wonder if he is too conservative on offense but on the other hand, the organization hasn't exactly stacked his roster with dependable.
The match up everyone was buzzing about the previous week happened on Monday night when Baltimore defeated the Jets on the road 10 to 9
Neither team ran the ball well although Baltimore's McGahee scored the only touchdown.
Guess who dropped him from the fantasy team before the game, bah!
At times, the Raven's offense looked crisp while the Jet's offense looked horrible.
Speaking of fantasy teams the jets through more passes to Ines Sainz earlier in the week than they through to Braylon Edwards during the game.
Other highlights:
¶Chicago beat Detroit cause Calvin Johnson couldn't quite come down with the ball, well at least according to the ref. What is it with Detroit and pivotal game calls, IE Jim Joyce.
Lion fans, all 2 of them feel like they were robbed.
Seattle thrashed my boy samurai Mike's 49ers making us question how good either of these teams will be.
Pete Carol left the pending drama of Southern Cal and took over the Seahawks, he has re energized an already noisy fan base in the Pacific North West.
The 49ers play the Saints this week so bouncing back will be tough.
The Bengals looked helpless against the Patriots, Foster ran wild on Manning and the Colts, Buffalo still sucks, and Dallas lost on a holding penalty that negated a Williams touchdown catch.
Bradford shows promise for the Rams, no 0 and 6 start for Tennessee as they slobber knock Oakland, Chief young speed shines, San Diego wines, and Pittsburgh eh OK without big Ben.
games to watch this week:
Eagles and Lions with Michael Vick starting for Philadelphia because of Kevin Kolb's concussion issues.
Vick's issues have been well documented but I think people will be rooting hard for him or wanting him to fail immensely.
He will do pretty well against the improving but definitely not great Detroit defense.
Coach Reed says the job will still be Kolb's when he comes back but Vick's performance could sure get a controversy started among the sweet Eagle fans.
Ravens Bengals, Patriots and Jets are great early division rivals which could really set the tone for the rest of the year.
Colts and Giants AKA Manning vs Manning is the Sunday night game, can the Colts defense hang on? Can the Giants catch the ball?
We will see cause we're ready for some football!

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