Sunday, October 31, 2010

doom does Dallas

Going in to week 7, one thing was for certain, the fat lady has been on the cowboys sideline and old Betsy was warming up.
With the boys already 1 and 4, the Monday night game at home against the Giants started off very well as Dallas took advantage of several giant turnovers including 2 Manning interceptions and led 20 to 7 in the second quarter.
However, the Giants were still dominating possession time and eventually scored 31 unanswered points.
Cowboys suffered a huge loss when qb Tony Romo was knocked out of the game with a good legal hit which broke his callerbone in that second quarter helping to turn the tide towards the Giants.
Romo was having a solid year despite the total team struggle and if the cowboys were going to make any kind of run, Tony was going to lead them.
The one constant was gone.
The g-men made plenty of mistakes keeping the Cowboys close but held them off 41 to 35
You can kiss Dallas's super bowl chances good bye and it's not even a certainty that Romo will be back this season.
The biggest surprise to me in week 7 Cleveland 30, New Orleans 17
Drew Breeze threw 4 interceptions and the current champs look lost without a running game.
Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas are not playing Sunday either so the Saints have a good chance of losing to Pittsburgh and falling to a 4 and 4 record.
in other games:
Buffalo bucks up but falls short to Baltimore, Carolina gets it's first win by beating 1 win San Fransisco, Miami is robbed but the Steelers will take it and Kansas City whips Jacksonville who has no defense at the moment.
I think the Skins just picked off Cutler again, Atlanta in a shootout over the Bengals, Tampa eaks by the Rams, Tennessee 2 times Philadelphia and Green Bay beat Brett and the Vikings.
Seattle beat Arizona at home, coach Bill gambled again, New England survived San Diego and Darren McFadden ran for 165 yards in an Oakland 59 to 14 west coast beat down making the Broncos call for mommy.
Games to watch:
Not a lot of great match ups this week.
The 49ers are playing Denver in London for some reason.
This game should definitely be a great halloween treat.
I'm not sure how this helps the NFL at all but every year someone takes the trip to the UK
I think having a Franchise in London is a nice idea but it's very impractical especially for west coast teams.
Maybe after many changes 10 years down the road the league could make it happen but I just don't see it as much of a possibility.
Green Bay goes to the lovely Meadowland to play the Jets.
Even though the Packers have many injuries, I hope they can make a game out of it.

The Jets really have a chance to separate themselves as an elite team if they win this week.
Once again, Brett Favre makes news at least this time, it's not about his off the field randiness.
The Viking qb has two small left ankle fractures and the team is listing him as questionable.
I will bet the house I don't own that he will play.
He doesn't want his most started streak to end at 291 and coach Brad Childress is reluctant to sit him.
He is already facing an up hill climb with a 2 and 4 start so he might as well Dance with the one who gets paid to play the music.
If the Vikings don't start winning soon though, I think Mr. Rangler will ride off in to the sunset for good, of course the on going sexual harassment investigation can change everything.

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