Monday, November 14, 2011

the aftermath

Wednesday night, Penn State fired coach Paterno as well as the president of the university.
While many in the media, even people close to the Paterno family declared it the right thing to do, a group of students at the school started small riots and protests throughout the night chanting Paterno.
I think in 5 years when some of them become first time parents they might want to take that back.
Meanwhile, on Friday the school announced that now assistant coach McCreary would be placed on administrative leave indefinitely.
A cording to messages he sent to the team, he's in protective custody, done with the program and double fisting drinks down because he is afraid for his safety. Now around campus and in the sports media the talk is what happens to coach Peterno aka Joepa's legacy?
He did some great things for Pen state but the inability to use common sense and be a man will always take it's tole.
Paterno, grad assistant Mike McCreary, not to mention the athletic director and more are all responsible for this.
Frankly, I could care less about anyone's legacy!
The more I thought and spoke with others about it, McCreary who first reported the incident to Paterno was even more at fault than the 84 year-old coach.
He was a 28 year-old adult, not a 12 year-old confused kid, and instead of calling the police, he called his daddy who told him to talk to Joe, which he did a day later.
If it were me who saw Sandusky in the shower abusing the young boy, I would have jumped in and beat the *$hit out of the monster, then I'd call the police.
The district attorney on the case doesn't even know if the incident in question was even one added to the criminal report, and the authorities waited for days even before they spoke to each other and, as we know, never called the police.
Further troubling, Sandusky is out on100k bail, he lives next to an elementary school.
Parents in the area are very nervous and the police are keeping an eye on the school.
I know we are all innocent until proven guilty but, I read the 23 page graphic outline and, there are no words to describe how horrific the descriptions are.
We have seen over time that petifiles don't change, and, Sandusky can abuse again at any moment.
I always knew when I was a tiny round boy that I'd have a family and my children would mean the world to me.
Currently, that isn't the case but, I have children in my life I think of every day who I'd take a grenade for. If someone ever hurt them, I take action, people could ask me questions later.
Gerry Sandusky should never be able to see the beautiful face of a child outside of bars for the rest of his low life.
The football team is trying to move on.
Tom Bradley, ironically the man who took over Sandusky's position when he retired, is now the temp coach.
Penn State lost the game 17 to 14 under this huge cloud.
I don't think anyone will even come close to righting this wrong but, I do hope some good comes out of it.
We need to understand that sexual abuse and child trafficking are much more prevalent in America than we think they are and the buck stops with us.
Unfortunately, I think we are just starting to learn details and, like most sex abuse cases, more aligations will follow.


larry d's mom said...

I am personally outraged that Sandusky is out. What he has done is criminal and he should be punished, not allowed to live the good life as if he did nothing. These young men are forever damaged. Is college football above everything else? Shame on this judge!

larry d's mom said...

Shame on this judge...shame on the leaders of Penn State. Our children deserve better in this country!